RB Golf Club & Resort $10,000 Invitational

Join us for the grand finale of the RB Charity 10 series, with the Inaugural $10,000 RB Golf Club & Resort Invitational on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

Have you qualified yet?

The first and second place winners of our RB Charity 10 tournaments are automatically qualified for the RB Golf Club & Resort Invitational. At the Invitational, the first place team will go home with $10,000! Here are the details -

  • 4-person scramble
  • $800/team
  • Includes registration, lunch, dinner, and an exclusive RB swag bag

See the full list of Invitational rules at the bottom of this page

To register for the tournament, please reach out to our Golf Pro Dylan Rottner immediately and we'll follow up with next steps -
Email: dylan@rbgolf.com
Phone: 940-575-2225 ext 1

**Must sign up by Friday, October 16 with all 4 team members defined**

Still hoping to qualify?

There are 4 MORE CHANCES to qualify in October -

  • Oct 3: The Boxer Family Tournament for the Joseph Groh Foundation
  • Oct 10: Wise Shelter & Crisis Center Benefit, Brought to you by Citi Private Bank
  • Oct 16: United Way Wise County Benefit
  • Oct 17: Feeding Wise Kids Benefit

To register for the remaining RB Charity 10 tournaments, go to rbgolf.com/rbcharity10

Invitational After-Party

10AM: Tee Time
3PM: Live music starts under the pavilion (no cover charge!)
4PM: All-you-can eat Nashville Fried Chicken and sides ($15)
6PM: Invitational Award Ceremony
6-9PM: Invitational After-Party with live band (no cover charge!)

We'll have spectators set up at select holes and social distancing protocols in place to keep this a safe and fun activity for everyone. There will be NO COVER CHARGE for the live music or to watch the tournament - we encourage you all to come out and enjoy the excitement of our first-ever Invitational tournament, even if you are not playing.

For more information about the Invitational After-Party and Sponsorship opportunities, contact our Resort Coordinator Brandi Mayers -
Email: brandi@rbgolf.com

RB Charity 10 - Qualification Rules for Invitational

RB Charity 10 - Qualifying Tournaments

  • RB Golf Club & Resort will be sponsoring a up to ten (10) qualifying golf tournaments open to the public, leading up to the RB Invitational Golf Tournament, date TBD (late October, 2020).
  • Ten (10) qualifying tournaments be a mix 2-person, 3-person, or 4-person scrambles. Each qualifying tournament may have its own specific rules, games, and prizes. Refer to specific tournament flyers for more information.
    • If - Qualifying Tournament is a 2-person scramble:
      • The top four (4) teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place) will be eligible for the invitational
        • The top four teams will have to opportunity to choose how to join to make a 4-person team for the invitational (1st & 3rd vs. 1st & 2nd for example)
    • Mulligans - may be permitted in qualifying tournaments under the following:
      • May only be offered in qualifying tournament if sponsor chooses to allow them
      • May only be offered as a buy-in option, prior to the start of tournament
        • All mulligan proceeds to go to charitable organization
      • Once play has started, no other mulligans will be allowed, all US PGA rules apply on course

Total Number of Eligible Teams - 36 Max for Invitational

  • 1st place and 2nd place by lowest score of each qualifying tournament will be eligible to participate in the RB Invitational Golf Tournament. 20 Teams total (2 x 10 events).
  • 10 Additional Team Spots based on participation - 10 Top teams with who have played in the most qualifying events will earn a spot for the invitational. (Total number of teams not to exceed 36 teams, RB golf reserves the right to invite additional teams based on registration).
  • 6 Teams - RB Golf Club Member Only Tournaments. Sign up to find out more!
  • NOTE: RB Invitational tournament registration and tournament fees apply. Eligibility only guarantees a spot for the invitational tournament.

RB Invitational Golf Tournament Rules

Player Eligibility / Duplicate Winners / Team changes

  • Team must have at least 2 original qualifying team members. Up to 2 persons per team may be substituted for in the invitational. All substitutions must be approved by the Pro Shop.
  • Teams and players are encouraged to play in multiple qualifying tournaments:
    • IF - Your team wins 2 tournaments: FREE 1-month golf membership for all team members (monthly due waived if existing member)
  • Must sign up by Thursday, October 22nd with all 4 team members defined (less Wise Kids Benefit Tournament)
  • No PGA/LPGA tour card holders are eligible

Tournament Rules

  • Tournament will be scored as a 4-person, best ball scramble format, lowest score wins
  • Minimum team size of 4-persons
  • Invitational registration and tournament fees will be the same per team -
  • No Mulligans – no pre-purchased mulligans will be offered, and none are allowed during tournament play
  • All USGA rules apply on course as well as local rules
  • 1st Place Tournament Prize - $10,000 USD for the winning team. Prize money to be evenly distributed to all team members
  • Men up to age 64 are play from the WHITE Tees
  • Women are to play from RED Tees
  • Men over 65 may play from the GOLD Tees
  • Bunkers – will be considered in play for the invitational
  • Must putt out until the ball is in the cup. No “freebies”
  • Flags may be removed once the ball is on the green (*Per latest COVID 19 rules issued by Governor Abbott on Sept 17, effective Sept 21, 2020).

**Must sign up by Thursday, October 22nd with all 4 team members defined