RB Charity 10

RB Golf Course & Resort is hosting up to 10 charity golf tournaments to raise money for local non-profits in the Dallas-Fort Worth area affected by the COVID-19 crisis. As an added incentive for players to come out and golf for a good cause, the winners of each charity golf tournament will be invited to compete for $10,000 at the RB Golf Club & Resort Invitational in October 2020.

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Upcoming RB Charity 10 Tournaments

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    June 27


    Firecracker Scramble benefitting Greater Bay Alliance

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    July 4


    Meals on Wheels Wise County Benefit Tournament

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    July 25

    34th Annual Old Settlers Wide Open benefitting Wise County special needs

    Registration info coming soon

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    September 5

    CASA of Wise and Jack Counties Benefit Tournament

    Registration info coming soon

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    September 19

    Hope Center for Autism Benefit Tournament

    Registration info coming soon

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    October 3

    Wise Hope Benefit Tournament

    Registration info coming soon

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    October 10

    The Boxer Family Tournament for the Joseph Groh Foundation

    Registration info coming soon

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    October 17

    Feeding Wise Kids Benefit Tournament

    Registration info coming soon

More dates will be announced soon - follow us on Facebook for the latest:

If you are interested in being a part of the RB Charity 10, please contact our event coordinator Brandi:

If you are interested in registering or have questions about one of our upcoming tournaments, please call the Pro Shop: 940-575-2225 ext 1

Qualification Rules for Invitational

RB Charity 10 - Qualifying Tournaments

  • RB Golf Club & Resort will be sponsoring a up to ten (10) qualifying golf tournaments open to the public, leading up to the RB Invitational Golf Tournament, date TBD (late October, 2020).
  • Ten (10) qualifying tournaments be a mix 2-person, 3-person, or 4-person scrambles. Each qualifying tournament may have its own specific rules, games, and prizes. Refer to specific tournament flyers for more information.
    • If - Qualifying Tournament is a 2-person scramble:
      • The top four (4) teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place) will be eligible for the invitational
        • The top four teams will have to opportunity to choose how to join to make a 4-person team for the invitational (1st & 3rd vs. 1st & 2nd for example)
    • IF - Qualifying Tournament is a 3-person scramble:
      • The team may play the invitational as a 3-person team
    • Mulligans - may be permitted in qualifying tournaments under the following:
      • May only be offered in qualifying tournament if sponsor chooses to allow them
      • May only be offered as a buy-in option, prior to the start of tournament
        • All mulligan proceeds to go to charitable organization
      • Once play has started, no other mulligans will be allowed, all US PGA rules apply on course

Total Number of Eligible Teams - 36 Max for Invitational

  • 1st place and 2nd place by lowest score of each qualifying tournament will be eligible to participate in the RB Invitational Golf Tournament. 20 Teams total (2 x 10 events).
  • 10 Additional Team Spots based on participation - 10 Top teams with who have played in the most qualifying events will earn a spot for the invitational. (Total number of teams not to exceed 36 teams, RB golf reserves the right to invite additional teams based on registration).
  • 6 Teams - RB Golf Club Member Only Tournaments. Sign up to find out more!
  • NOTE: RB Invitational tournament registration and tournament fees apply. Eligibility only guarantees a spot for the invitational tournament.

RB Invitational Golf Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • Tournament will be scored as a 4-person, best ball scramble format, lowest score wins
  • Minimum team size of 3-person. 3-person teams will play and score as a 4-person per the following rules:
    • Each team member hits their own shot as usual. A 4th turn is allowed to be taken, but the 4th turn must be on a team rotation separate from individual play
  • Invitational registration and tournament fees will be the same per team, regardless of 3-persons or 4-persons
  • No mulligans allowed - prior to tournament or during tournament play
  • All US PGA rules apply on course
  • 1st Place Tournament Prize - $10,000 USD for the winning team. Prize money to be evenly distributed to all team members

Player Eligibility / Duplicate Winners

  • Absolutely and positively no non-eligible player substitutions. Meaning, no player who did not meet the eligibility requirements (did not win or be chosen) as stated above can be included (or brought-in) in the invitational
  • Teams and players are encouraged to play in multiple qualifying tournaments:
    • IF - Your team wins 2 tournaments: FREE 1-month golf membership for all team members (monthly due waived if existing member)

RB Invitational - Team Changes

  • Team changes are prohibited. IF - a 3-person team wins a 3-person scramble, that team is eligible to play in the invitational as a 3-person team. If this same team, adds a 4th player, enters and wins a qualifying 4-person event, then that 4-person team will be allowed to play in the invitational

Day of Tournament Rules

  • Teams must have a min of 3 people, no 2-person teams, day of tournament. Teams of 2 will be disqualified
  • IF - 4-person team has a no-show, 3-person scramble rules apply to team